McGuinty Liberals to bung up more wilderness

CBC is reporting that the Ontario government has announced approval of 18 private hydro electric dams throughout the province, including one on Fourbass Lake in Temagami.

The MNR also has a press release.

I don’t know where Fourbass Lake is, but I can’t imagine this is good news.

I also note in the MNR release that they’re planning on damming the Steel River in two places.

The Steel is one of the more remote canoe routes you can do in Ontario.

It’s funny but the CBC story mentions the two projects in the Muskokas, I imagine, anticipating that they will be the most controversial.

But if destruction of wilderness is controversial, I would think a dam in Bala and another near Gravenhurst would be much less controversial than damming the steel or flooding a watersystem in Temagami.

I mean – it’s Bala – there’s almost as much horsepower buzzing the lakes as is thundering down highway 400 on a summer Sunday evening. The real estate market rivals only Rosedale.

The wilderness is already gone.

If reading this outrages you, please write environmental minister David Ramsay and tell him to put up a windmill in his back yard (or elsewhere) before ruining one of Ontario’s remaining wilderness rivers.