Growing by leaps and bounds

I daily marvel at my daughter. I expect I’m like most parents. But I often get caught in the mental rut of baby parenting, despite the fact that Mallory’s eight. The baby parenting rut assumes the child is totally incapable of almost everything. But every now and again Mallory does something (or several things) to knock the needle out of that groove.

And I realize she’s capable of so much more than I imagine.

Like in the last few weeks she’s started:

  • sleeping on her own
  • getting up by herself, leaving her parents in bed
  • making her own breakfast (balanced, even)
  • making her own lunch

And she and her friend C slept out in a tent in C’s back yard. They attempted it last year, but bailed after a few hours in the dark.

She’s also got an email account, and she’s surfing the net regularly to find answers to questions, check the weather and all manner of things.

So these days I’m even more in awe than usual.

And it struck me that I needed to have the conversation about the blog. I asked her if it was cool that I wrote about her. I explained that I always write with love and mostly to brag about her or explain my parental failings. But I figure since she and her friends could now potentially read it, it’s time to seek permission.

Which I received. Along with a hug.

I love being her dad. Irene and I are the luckiest parents.