My credit card got hacked. There is an upside

The issu­ing bank, which sent me an email alert today, pre­sum­ably as weird charges started show­ing up, very kindly went over my cur­rent charges and I got a chance to dis­pute all the weird ones. I hope I got them all. So as of now, my card num­ber is no good and I can­not log in to their online bank­ing. So I can't see what if any­thing I missed or got wrong. So that's a drag. But because I phoned right away, they're say­ing they'll reim­burse me for the dis­puted charges.

Here's hop­ing they're true to their word.

A down­side is all the online ser­vices that have my credit card for their billing are about to go dead on renewal. Some monthly, some annu­ally.

This of course will mean I actu­ally get to see which ones I'm using. That will be the upside. And I'll have a much clearer pic­ture of what ser­vices I use, and on what basis I'm billed. And the ones that go dead and I don't notice? Well, some sav­ings.

Might make up for the spiffy clothes I bought some­one some­where.