My credit card got hacked. There is an upside

The issuing bank, which sent me an email alert today, presumably as weird charges started showing up, very kindly went over my current charges and I got a chance to dispute all the weird ones. I hope I got them all. So as of now, my card number is no good and I cannot log in to their online banking. So I can’t see what if anything I missed or got wrong. So that’s a drag. But because I phoned right away, they’re saying they’ll reimburse me for the disputed charges.

Here’s hoping they’re true to their word.

A downside is all the online services that have my credit card for their billing are about to go dead on renewal. Some monthly, some annually.

This of course will mean I actually get to see which ones I’m using. That will be the upside. And I’ll have a much clearer picture of what services I use, and on what basis I’m billed. And the ones that go dead and I don’t notice? Well, some savings.

Might make up for the spiffy clothes I bought someone somewhere.