Home again: another Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour done

This was waiting in the fridge for me
This was wait­ing in the fridge for me when I got home from day two of the Rideau Lakes Cycle tour ear­lier this after­noon.

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I have some sta­tis­ti­cal trivia to share but the most impor­tant num­ber to note is that in the last few months I've spent on aver­age seven hours a week on my bike prepar­ing. That's a lot of time not spent look­ing after the child, the house and every­thing else to which I am com­mit­ted as a father, part­ner and home­owner. I'd like to thank my lovely part­ner Irene Jansen for tak­ing up that slack and tol­er­at­ing that and my obses­sive chit-chat about cycling num­bers.

Speak­ing of which, I had a much bet­ter ride this year. My mov­ing aver­age this Sun­day, for exam­ple, was 30.1km/h where last year's was 29.1. The num­ber for 2011 is 27.8km/h. Sat­ur­day was slower, and yet my aver­age heart rate on Sun­day was way lower (139bpm) than Sat­ur­day (158bpm). Could the tail­wind do all that? I don't have an actual power meter (they cost more than I paid for my bike) but Strava's approx­i­mated power out­put says I worked harder Sun­day (159 watts) than Sat­ur­day (155 watts).

But enough sta­tis­tics. Let's talk some­thing really excit­ing. Road con­di­tions.

Last year I raved about how great it was that they'd repaved 4th Line Road between Don­nelly Drive and Mar­i­lyn Wil­son Road.

I sug­gested that if they wanted to fur­ther the cause of cyclist butt preser­va­tion, they could take on the dis­in­te­grat­ing pave­ment on First Line Road between Dil­worth Road and Kars. (Heck they could drive the asphalt spreader all the way to 4th Line Road and not waste an ounce of tar.)

And lo and behold they're repaving First Line Road between Kars and Dil­worth. Co-inci­dence or con­spir­acy? Of course they were at the stage where they'd stripped off all the asphalt (no loss, really) and there was gravel and dirt for a cou­ple of kilo­me­tres.

I don't know if that road is a provin­cial or munic­i­pal respon­si­bil­ity but this cit­i­zen thanks whichever lev­els of gov­ern­ment are respon­si­ble and tips my hat to the peo­ple doing the work.

Next year, I'd like to nom­i­nate Sand Lake Road or Rat­tle Ass Road as I like to call it.