Canada Post phasing out door to door delivery, phasing in nose removal for face spite

Canada Post grand plan pronouncements (especially when there’s bargaining to be done) have a habit of not coming true or being counter-factual, but this latest, about the crown corporation phasing out urban door to door delivery warrants a response.

Because it makes me think that idiots are running the corporation. As a former CUPW employee and current doctrinaire, pro-union ideologue, you can expect me to say that cutting those jobs will ruin lives, hurt the economy and weaken communities. Of course I’m going to say that. It’s true. But there. I’ve said it.

What I would like to focus on now is the marked stupidity of the business decision to stop going door to door.

Canada Post is degrading one of its biggest assets – one of its remaining competitive advantages – in this the era where online shopping is the only thing that will be filling delivery trucks (or drones). Its delivery network.

When I shop online I always try to find somewhere that will deliver by Canada Post or its US equivalent. Even if I didn’t care about the workers, I would still do it because it’s the most convenient shipping method there is. As often as not the letter carrier will leave the parcel on my porch or in my mailbox if no one is home.

Maybe they don’t (it’s too big, or the shipper won’t allow it) then it gets carded and I have to walk all of four blocks to my Canada Post retail outlet.

Compare and contrast with having to go out to the east end at horribly inconvenient hours (UPS) or the airport (Fedex) and I will pick the ‘We ship anywhere’ delivery network any time. All the time.

But now if I have to go to a community mailbox instead, I guarantee myself the inconvenience and can be sure that if it won’t fit in one of those itty bitty boxes, I’m going to the Quickie Mart. No more coming home to that highly anticipated gadget or bit of clothing. Welcome to driving out to the suburbs to pay $25 shipping on a $20 book.

Tack on to that their anticipated rate increases and it does start to seem like they’re cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

I could see the rate increases if they were trying to leverage their superior delivery network. People will pay for convenience. But that’s not what’s going on. Their taking a service with which everyone is familiar and making simultaneously worse and yet more expensive.

They need to go back to the drawing board on this and look for actual innovative solutions. I bet CUPW has some.