Myself, I’m downgrading Moody’s

That’s right internets. I’m rating them ‘negative’. I am earnestly and sincerely advising my friends family and blog readers to not buy their shares, not apply for jobs there and not buy anything from their bond rating stuff store. (I wonder what it would sell – little currency stuffy toys?).

And I’m sure you all really care deeply. You must. I mean why not? After all apparently we care deeply that Moody’s has downgraded Ontario’s credit rating.

We care deeply despite the fact that Moody’s is a publicly-traded, for-profit corporation accountable to exactly no one except its shareholders who count disproportionately among those who might expect a slightly higher tax bill than last year because of Ontario’s shiny new demi-millionaire tax.

We care deeply despite the fact that Moody’s bread and butter is supplying credit ratings to companies and presumably governments who pay them to be rated. One wonders why the McGuinty government didn’t simply just pay Moody’s a bit more to keep in their good books.

We care deeply what Moody’s thinks because we’re concerned now that they’ve put this teensy weensy two per cent tax on those who earn more than half a million per year that suddenly all of Ontario will disappear overnight.

We care deeply because our fears are actually much more profound than that. We fear that all of Ontario’s rivers will stop flowing, all of its trees will turn to sawdust, all of its people will suddenly become encased in jello and unable to work or pull down a salary. All 13 million of us. Leaving no one, even, to market the jello. Or maybe it’s orange flavoured – everyone hates that stuff.

Yes we care deeply because if that whole democracy business gets out of hand and the will of the people of Ontario is to put even the slightest bit of burden on those who can bear it, we know we can always count on the power of money to bring those upstarts to heel.

But who are they to the folks who are trying to get by, trying to find child care, trying to fix their schools, bringing wipes to the hospital because they know there’s no money for proper cleaning? They’re no more to them than I am to you.

I do sincerely hope we don’t let them trump our elected representatives’ decision to take at least some of the money for paying down the deficit from those who have benefited most from the government’s largesse over the years.