Fewer good jobs around so let’s eliminate more of them

That’ll make everyone feel better. A CIBC report covered today says there are fewer good jobs in Canada these days. The bank’s job quality index dropped by a per cent over the last year. Wow they have a job quality index. It’s almost like they care.

I shouldn’t be too mean to the CIBC. I do appreciate the information they’re supplying. And even the CTV story pursues the issue for many paragraphs as if for them the declining quality of jobs in Canada is a problem.

Of course it is a problem. For many millions of people. But these same two organizations, whether by their editorial slant or by provisioning experts to do interviews bolstering that editorial slant, will be right into it when the federal government announces plans to eliminate ten to twenty thousand more good quality jobs from the economy in a month’s time.

The usual rationalization is that since everyone in Canada doesn’t have [insert economic advantage here] no one should, certainly not federal government employees.

But eliminating good jobs from the economy won’t create good jobs somewhere else in the economy. It will just eliminate good jobs from the economy, which – today at least – is a problem worth researching and reporting on.