And now we fire the people who encourage us to make homes energy efficient

Natural Resources Canada is eliminating 100 jobs, Postmedia’s Kathryn May reports. Ministry spokespeople say the positions being cut were those managing “sunsetting” programs and that there are no new decreases to service cuts.

Don’t you love the language? “Sunsetting.” What could be more normal or natural than that. It happens every day. Despite largely toeing the government line, May at least delves into what exactly is fading into the sunset.

It’s the ecoEnergy Retrofit Homes program. Without actually saying as much, May’s item notes that the government has decided it’s not going to encourage people to make their homes more energy efficient. Can’t be doing that. Softens the market for tarsands oil.

Also disappearing are programs dealing with nuclear waste, modernizing laboratories, eco-energy, and eco-transport.

And now, there are going to be 100 fewer jobs at NRCan.

Meanwhile the Harper government is pouring on the PR offensive over its efforts to squeeze oil out of sand in Alberta – including branding people who question the environmental impact of it ‘enemies of Canada’.

Could there be a government more at odds with its own populace on the environment, and conservation, to name a few?