Who was the fourth Weaver?

Ronnie Gilbert, Lee Hayes, Pete Seeger… and and and. Damn. Couldn’t think of it. I was at yoga tonight. And the issue of who was the fourth member of the Weavers bounced around inside my head the entire time. No idea why. I haven’t listened to The Weavers in years.

I know, you’re supposed to focus on your body. Your breathing and the most minute details of how you’re standing. Where your hips are relative to your knees, where your knees are relative to your feet. Where your head is relative to your ass, etc etc.

It’s mostly when the instructor gets us into a demanding (for me anyway) pose that I’m fully absorbed by the effort. But when we do the ‘oh thank goodness’ poses, as she calls them, my mind wanders. Poor discipline. But it feels good nonetheless.

And the answer? Fred Hellerman.