Who was the fourth Weaver?

Ron­nie Gilbert, Lee Hayes, Pete Seeger… and and and. Damn. Couldn't think of it. I was at yoga tonight. And the issue of who was the fourth mem­ber of the Weavers bounced around inside my head the entire time. No idea why. I haven't lis­tened to The Weavers in years.

I know, you're sup­posed to focus on your body. Your breath­ing and the most minute details of how you're stand­ing. Where your hips are rel­a­tive to your knees, where your knees are rel­a­tive to your feet. Where your head is rel­a­tive to your ass, etc etc.

It's mostly when the instruc­tor gets us into a demand­ing (for me any­way) pose that I'm fully absorbed by the effort. But when we do the 'oh thank good­ness' poses, as she calls them, my mind wan­ders. Poor dis­ci­pline. But it feels good nonethe­less.

And the answer? Fred Heller­man.