Sledding, skating, reading and cuddling

This is how I spent my day. Mal­lory was in a bit of a slug­gish, sen­si­tive mood this morn­ing. We hung around colour­ing, read­ing and not doing much until around 1pm. We were both get­ting kinda bored of that, though all my sug­ges­tions about what to do weren't being well favoured. But even­tu­ally Mal­lory did agree to go sled­ding.

We did, though we found our­selves head­ing home before 3pm - ear­lier than I expected. Once home, we read some more, coloured some more. Even­tu­ally Irene called to say she was head­ing home. Mal­lory said she wanted to go skat­ing too. So up and at 'em to ren­dez-vous with Irene on the canal. We went for a skate. Mal­lory wasn't done skat­ing when we met up with Irene. Irene went home to prep din­ner and we kept going. Prob­a­bly about an hour all in.

Mal­lory and I got in just before din­ner. I had some time to fold laun­dry. Mal­lory came up to me and – she of the 'why do I have to do all the work' approach to respond­ing to any request for help - asked me if she could help.

I'd rate that a pretty good day.