Sledding, skating, reading and cuddling

This is how I spent my day. Mallory was in a bit of a sluggish, sensitive mood this morning. We hung around colouring, reading and not doing much until around 1pm. We were both getting kinda bored of that, though all my suggestions about what to do weren’t being well favoured. But eventually Mallory did agree to go sledding.

We did, though we found ourselves heading home before 3pm – earlier than I expected. Once home, we read some more, coloured some more. Eventually Irene called to say she was heading home. Mallory said she wanted to go skating too. So up and at ’em to rendez-vous with Irene on the canal. We went for a skate. Mallory wasn’t done skating when we met up with Irene. Irene went home to prep dinner and we kept going. Probably about an hour all in.

Mallory and I got in just before dinner. I had some time to fold laundry. Mallory came up to me and – she of the ‘why do I have to do all the work’ approach to responding to any request for help – asked me if she could help.

I’d rate that a pretty good day.