SUV hits cyclist. Only this one has a video camera

Hah. I love the fact that this guy videos his bike rides. This time an SUV gave him a ‘love tap’ on the behind when he dared to take his lane to avoid a dooring.

Cyclist and SUV were stopped at the time, but I ask myself: would the SUV driver have done that to a car? Of course not. But somehow, it’s a contemplatable act when the thing you’re hitting is soft and squishy. Won’t wreck your paint job.

And when confronted about his/her obvious, obnoxious impulse action, the driver – far from apologizing – says “move over.” Astounding.

Ken Walker I salute you. Bon courage. To say nothing of sang froid. I would have been very tempted to pick up my bike and hurl it at the SUV’s windshield.