I’m thinking I should own these

Wölvammer SPD biking boots
Wölvammer SPD biking boots
The time is fast approaching, if today is any indication. But it seems hard to locate them. Phat Moose, says they do. But oh the price.

I had been wanting to say something about our latest war

But this by Michael Harris on iPolitics pretty much sums up all of the practical objections to Canada’s sending F-18s to bomb ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

For the principled objections, I give you the immortal words of Michael Franti: You can bomb the world to pieces but you can’t bomb it into peace.

French River/Pickerel River trip report

Outer Fox Islands, French River
The sixth annual fall canoe trip is… sigh… over. But what scenery. What a lot of rain! What great company and what wonderful partners we have to permit such dalliances and non-productive endeavours. Read about it here.

Another reason to hate PDFs – content curation

I really should re-brand this blog ‘Death to PDFs’. But I got an email at work from someone formerly involved in the organization who had done a vanity Google after getting an influx of spam and scam emails. She’d discovered that her contact information was “all over the internet” and some of it was still on one of our websites. Continue reading

Dudes yelling at me won’t ruin a great ride

I’ve been riding twice this week and both times – once on Colonel By, once on the Ottawa River Parkway – a young white dude has taken it upon himself to roll down his window and point out the bike path just off to our right. I wish there were a universally recognizable gesture for “I’m riding too fast to use the bike path, it wouldn’t be safe.” If anyone knows one please reply in the comments.

Today’s ride featured perfect weather a huge deer by the roadside in Dunrobin Shore and a resurfaced Corkstown Road between Moodie Drive and March Road. This is huge for me and anyone who uses Corkstown on one of about a billion west bound bike routes. It’s a safe east-west thoroughfare, but up until this summer some time, the surface could best be described as punishing.

No longer. Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Also, I got to walk through/with the Caribana parade along Wellington. Alas I was not wearing dancing shoes.

And speaking of improved road conditions, First Line Road, between Century Road and Roger Stevens Drive – possibly all the way into Kars – has been repaved. This stretch of pavement was – without exaggeration – disintegrating. But I rode it Wednesday and it too has been resurfaced.

I’m thinking posted speed limits might help

I don’t generally use my bike on Ottawa’s multipurpose pathways. Because I heard somewhere that you’re only supposed to do 20km/h on them. I prefer to ride faster than that. Once, while cycling on Colonel By (not five feet from one of said pathways) I had a motorist yell at me to get off the road and use the pathway.

Despite this, I don’t ride the pathways because – especially at my preferred cruising speed – I pose a much greater risk to the more vulnerable pedestrians. And apparently the speed limit’s 20km/h, as reaffirmed in this Citizen article about the argy-bargy between pedestrians and cyclists over who’s making the pathways unsafe.

But you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a speed limit sign on any of the pathways. Am I wrong? Am I wrong in thinking posting the speed limit might clarify for riders the… um speed limit?