Well that was stupid: Strava Boom challenge almost wrecks me

Lately I’ve been pretty proud of how I’ve been running. Managing longer distances at faster pace, and feeling great complete with normal heart rate the next day. Yay me.

So when Strava came out with their “Bring back the boom” challenge I signed up. Run 70km in seven days is the idea.

Normally I only sign up for challenges that I’m easily able to do or am doing anyway. But for some reason I figured I should try this one anyway.

“G’head, Chris, push yourself a little, let’s see what you can do. After all, that’s just 10k a day.” Of late I’ve been running 40k a week. So 70 is a big jump.

Of course I don’t have 45 minutes to run every day. And it’s a stupid idea for people like me to run every day. So I figured five 15km runs. How challenging could that be? You don’t have to go hard, you just have to do the distance.

So I’ll cut to the chase after a mere five paragraphs. Wrong wrong wrong. The Running Room clinic people said ‘don’t set inflexible goals like ‘run every day’. Art Kilgour says adaptation and being flexible is essential.

After three long (for me) runs in a row I was starting to feel three or so new twinges – knees thighs and feet. And not the kind that go away.

But I had to make my quota. Today I ran the last 14k (I did 1km extra just in case) after taking two Ibuprophen. This is supposed to be a ‘last resort’.

How much rest it’s going to take for me to get back to full fitness I don’t know. Maybe only a few days. I hope.

But for what? A JPEG on my profile page and a chance to buy a tshirt? What was I thinking?

Evaluating fitness websites: numbers prove it happened… but whose?

Strava heart rate data chart
I’ve been doing a fair bit of running lately. I’m taking a clinic at the Running Room, but apart from that, I run alone. Some people get motivation by running with friends, other runners. Numbers motivate me. Compared to the Timex digital watch I used to use to time myself when I was in high school, modern electronics are tricorders. But they really want an external application, to crunch numbers, analyze data and draw pretty graphs.

Myself I use four: Strava, Garmin Connect, Map My Run and Runkeeper. I know. That’s weird. I have an explanation.
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Easy for you to say, Mister Poloz

So the head of the Bank of Canada thinks young people should lLeave folks' basement and work for free. I know it’s a bit of an ad hominem criticism, but when do you reckon was the last time Stephen Poloz worked for free?
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WestJet flight attendants have a union? Soon I hope they’ll have a real one

So this item about a tentative agreement at WestJet caught my eye in my Twitter feed and I was excited. Smiley-faced happy workplace WestJet has a union now for its flight attendants. Finally.
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I’m thinking I should own these

Wölvammer SPD biking boots
Wölvammer SPD biking boots
The time is fast approaching, if today is any indication. But it seems hard to locate them. Phat Moose, says they do. But oh the price.

I had been wanting to say something about our latest war

But this by Michael Harris on iPolitics pretty much sums up all of the practical objections to Canada’s sending F-18s to bomb ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

For the principled objections, I give you the immortal words of Michael Franti: You can bomb the world to pieces but you can’t bomb it into peace.