My girl learns code

Mallory learns code
Girls Learn Code day in Ottawa. Great opportunity

Few things in life give me more joy than walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter. One of them, which I experienced for the first time today, is walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter, talking about building websites.

At Irene’s suggestion, I checked out Girls Learning Code Day and asked Mallory if she’d like to go with me. Mallory agreed to go without any hesitation. I had qualified the proposal with ‘but you’ll miss cross country ski training’ so I wasn’t sure whether this was about wanting to learn to make web pages or avoid wind sprints and ski bounding. Continue reading My girl learns code

What kind of liberal will Justin Trudeau be? I don’t know yet

45370_article_fullI don’t want to denigrate or deem unworthy voters aspirations for change. We were certainly due. But I cannot share the enthusiasm people are having this morning for the pageant of Trudeau naming his new cabinet. Continue reading What kind of liberal will Justin Trudeau be? I don’t know yet

Temagami tree trip

Tree, Diamond Lake, enshrouded in fog

Tree, Diamond Lake, enshrouded in fog

Here’s my write-up of the seventh annual Chris-Martin trip. This time we went to see the big trees on Obabika Lake in Temagami.

Castelli Secondapelle bike gloves – barely there

Castelli Seconda Pelle bike gloves
When the package arrived I thought, “damn, I’ve ordered the child’s size small.” Nope. That fits.

It’s clearout season at all the gear stores. They’re making way for warm wooly stuff for winter, which means one can find deals on summer gear. Like another pair of fingerless gloves. Usually sizing and colour selection is a bit spotty. So I was tickled when I found a pair of Castelli Secondapelle fingerless bike gloves at MEC in my size. $34 down from $60 – see? Deal.

When they arrived, though (in fine time and with no hassle), I was a bit distressed.

“They’ve sent me their child size small by mistake,” I thought.

I have small hands but there’s no way, I reckoned, I was going to get these things on.

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Ten thousand clicks

Belvedere Huron, Gatineau Park
Belvedere Huron, Gatineau Park

Nope. Not those sort of clicks. The other kind. Cycling. This morning was a pretty normal pre-work trip up to Champlain lookout. Except that I rode my 10,000th kilometre for the year on it. Just past Gamelin.

Heading out this morning was the first time I thought arm warmers might come in handy, but the chill was off a few minutes into the ride. The sun rose as the sky, fighting the sun’s efforts to turn the world yellow and orange, radiated blue above.

The temperature stayed cool enough that I could push up the Pink Lake hill and cut 15 seconds off my time without heat washing over me as my speed slowed with the rising grade.

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Bike gloves – hide the liver spots

Radha Classic Mitts
Rapha Classic Mitts: pull the white loop and one of their domestiques comes and pours you a drink.

Apart from the post finish line triumph and the victory lap, your hands spend a lot of time on the handle bars when road riding. Your hands will take less impact from your average pothole, road fjord or spiderweb pavement than your butt, it’s true. But you still pick up vibration in your hands and they still bear weight. And bar tape won’t do it all. So there’s gloves.

Fit, for me is more important than anything. Too loose and you get skin abrasion and blisters. Too tight and you can experience tingling and numbness.

Padding is also important. I think what you’re looking for is low volume and firm. Thick, squishy pads wear down faster, don’t actually provide a whole lot more cushioning and will squidge around on you, which is great if you’re staring down a 21km stretch of straight, flat road and need distraction, but otherwise will just be a tiny irritant that will make you lose focus.

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